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Silva Kallionpää Quartet

Villa Hakasalmi Mannerheimintie 13B, Helsinki

Silva Kallionpää: violin, compositions Nikita Rafaelov: keyboards Juuso Rinta: double bass Joonas Leppänen: drums Founded in 2017 in Helsinki, Silva Kallionpää Quartet is not afraid of defying the predefined frames. The group's bold style and unique sound strike listeners of all backgrounds. The individual voices of four of the top musicians in Finland come together […]

Emile Parisien & Roberto Negro – Les Métanuits

Villa Hakasalmi Mannerheimintie 13B, Helsinki

Roberto Negro: piano Emile Parisien: sopraanosaxophone I love Ligeti's music! Me too! This is how saxophonist Emile Parisien and pianist Roberto Negro declared 2014 to each other and soon "Les Métanuits" saw the light of day. It is their adaptation for saxophone and piano of György Liget's first string quartet "Métamorphoses nocturnes" (1953-1954). Emile Parisien […]