Updated Helsinki Jazz ry’s jaZZanti concert series spring program 2023

The jaZZanti concert series offers interesting and high-quality jazz and improvised music in 16 concerts this spring. Welcome to listen!

jaZZanti concerts take place in the cozy Hakasalmi villa, Mannerheimintie 13B. This year, we will also start cooperation with Viirus theater and the first concert organized in cooperation will be on Friday 14.4. The cooperation will continue in the fall. 21.2 is also new. free concert to be held in Oodi Maijansali.

Ticket prices are usually – standard ticket €20, seniors, unemployed and members of the Helsinki Jazz ry €15, students €12, friend’s ticket for two €30. In a few concerts with international musicians, the ticket prices are – standard ticket: €25, seniors, unemployed and members of the Helsinki Jazz ry €20, students €15, friend ticket for two €40. Advance tickets can be purchased on the Helsinki Jazz website or in cash at Digelius Music, Laivurinrinne 2. The price of advance tickets is the same as those purchased at the door.

Welcome to the concerts and bring your friends too!

11.1.23 at 19:00 Pauli Lyytinen Rabbit Hole

Pauli Lyytinen: tenor saxophone, ewi, drum machine, live electronics, Andreas Stensland Løwe (NO): piano, synthesizers, live electronics and Julian Sartorius (CH): drums. Tickets 25/20/15 €.

16.1.23 at 19:00 Uusi Aika

Otto Eskelinen: alto saxophone and other wind instruments, Tapani Varis: double bass, vocals and flutes, Antero Mentu: sitar and acoustic guitar and Amanda Blomqvist: drums, percussion and vocals.

20.1.23 at 19:00 Kadi Vija Key Project – Extended Powerspots record release concert

Kadi Vija: vocals, Max Zenger: bass clarinet, Tuomo Dahlblom: guitar and Tuomas Timonen: drums.

23.1.23 at 19:00 Esa Pietilä & Mart Soo duo – Lighthouse Stories record release concert

Esa Pietilä: tenor saxophone and live electronics and Mart Soo (EE): guitar and live electronics .

6.2.23 at 19:00 Jaak Sooäär trio – Zula record release concert

Jaak Sooäär (EE): guitar, Ara Yaralyan (EE): double bass and Markku Ounaskari: drums.

21.2.23 at 19:00 Selma Savolainen & Helen Svoboda duo

Selma Savolainen: vocals and Helen Svoboda (AU/FI): double bass and vocals. The venue is Oodi Maijansali, Töölönlahdenkatu 4. Admission to the concert is free.

14.4.23 at 21.30 Mikko Iivanainen solo: Lullaby For Lost Souls

Mikko Iivanainen: guitars. The place is Viirus theater, Välimerenkatu 14.

17.4.23 at 19:00 Kari Ikonen & Per Texas Johansson duo

Kari Ikonen: piano and Per Texas Johansson (SE): Saxophones and clarinets.

19.4.23 at 19:00 Aki Rissanen Aleatoric

Aki Rissanen: piano, Robin Verheyen (BE): Saxophones and Markku Ounaskari: drums.

21.4.23 at 19:00 Rönkä/Sommer/Andersson trio

Artturi Rönkä: piano, Thommy Andersson (SE): double bass and Daniel Sommer (DK): drums. Tickets 25/20/15 €.

24.4.23 at 19:00 Sanni Orasmaa & Antti Lötjönen duo

Sanni Orasmaa: vocals and Antti Lötjönen: double bass

15.5.23 at 19:00 Hepa Halme & Livia Schweizer duo

Hepa Halme: flutes and Livia Schweizer: flutes

29.5.23 at 19:00 Signe feat. Juho Kanervo

Riikka Keränen: vocals, Selma Savolainen: vocals, Josefiina Vannesluoma: vocals and Juho Kanervo: cello.

31.5.23 at 19:00 Mika Kallio Gong Odyssey

Mika Kallio: gongs and synthesizer, Jussi Fredriksson: gongs and synthesizers, Jaska Lukkarinen: gongs, synthesizer and percussion and Max Zenger: bass clarinet

9.6.23 klo 19.00 Littorina Saxophone Quartet

Maria Faust (EE/DK), Liudas Mockūnas (LT), Fredrik Ljungkvist (SE) and Mikko Innanen: saxophones. Tickets 25/20/15 €.

12.6.23 at 19:00 Silva Kallionpää Quartet

Silva Kallionpää: violin and compositions, Nikita Rafaelov: piano and synthesizer, Juuso Rinta: double bass and Joonas Leppänen: drums.

29.7.23 at 19:00 Roberto Negro & Emile Parisie duo – “Les Métanuits”

Emile Parisien (FR): soprano saxophone and Roberto Negro (FR): piano. Tickets 25/20/15 €. In cooperation with Vapaat Äänet agency.

Program changes are possible.

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