jaZZanti concert series autumn program 2022

jaZZanti concert series autumn program 2022

The program of the jaZZanti concert series arranged by Helsinki Jazz in the late fall of 2022 is high-level and versatile, including contemporary jazz and improvised music. The saxophonists Tane Kannisto, Pepa Päivinen and Jorma Tapio, who played in Edward Wesala’s Sound and Fury, will perform in the first collaboration concert of the fall with the Tulkinnanvaraista concert series. New jazz-based church music is also available on October 31. in cooperation with Töölö parish.

The concerts take place in Hakasalmi’s villa (Mannerheimintie 13B), except for 31.10. concert in Temppeliaukio church. All concerts start at 19:00.

Monday 03.10. at 19:00 Jean-Marie Machado – Majakka

Jean-Marie Machado (FR): piano, Ze Luis Nascimento (BR): percussion, Jean-Charles Richard (FR): saxophones, flutes and Vincent Segal (FR): cello

The melodies, the sounds, the tunes, the rhythms, the memorable names of the songs… everything is rich and satisfying on the Majakka album/performance. Poetic, clean-cut, sometimes nuanced roundness, sometimes very intense.

So expect an interesting, versatile and sensitive concert – let the French Majakka shine.

Friday 21.10. at 19:00 Yoko Miura & Antti Lötjönen

Yoko Miura (JP): piano and Antti Lötjönen: double bass

Japanese Yoko Miura regularly visits Europe to perform, and this time she will stop by Finland as well. Her playing friends are e.g. Gianni Mimmo, Lawrence Cassery, Mia Zabelka, Charlie Collins (drs), Derek Saw and earlier Teppo Hauta-aho. Yoko state: “I am trying to make a kind of different universes interweaving and exchanging with different process, values and ways, with people, not only the musicians but also painters and dancers”.

Yoko plays a solo part like our bass master Antti Lötjönen and finally they play duo improvisations.

Monday 24.10. at 19:00 The Eighth Hour Of Amduat

Collaboration concert with Tulkinnanvaraista concert series. The first part of the multi-artistic program will feature the well-known saxophonists Tane Kannisto, Pepa Päivinen and Jorma Tapio. Tickets €20/€12 at the door.

Monday 31.10. at 19:00 Janne Mark & Verneri Pohjola & Gospel Helsinki Ensemble

Janne Mark (DK): vocals, compositions, Verneri Pohjola: trumpet, Søren Gemmer (DK): piano, Esben Eyermann (DK): double bass and Gospel Helsinki Ensemble: vocals

In a rare Finnish concert, the strains of Mark’s and her trusted Danish friends´ hymns resonate with the airy trumpet playing of Verneri Pohjola, the multidimensional Gospel Helsinki Ensemble’s tonal singing and the unique architecture of the Temppeliaukio church.

Cooperation concert with Töölö parish.

Monday 07.11. at 19:00 Katu Kaiku – Record release concert “Broken Piece”

Adele Sauros: saxophones, Mikael Saastamoinen: double bass and Erik Fräki: drums

The album continues the style formed with the previous album Luna, which combines lyrical saxophone melodies, guitar-like electric bass playing and strong communication in improvisation.

Monday 14.11. at 19:00 Samuel Blaser Trio

Samuel Blaser (CH): trombone, Marc Ducret (FR): guitar and Peter Bruun (DK): drums

Samuel Blaser from Switzerland has long since claimed his place among the world’s most skilled and respected trombonists. He has grown from a straightforward hard bop artist to a versatile improviser in his own class. Blaser, who has visited Tampere Jazz Happening and Kerava Jazz, is now performing on the Finnish tour for the first time with his own trio, where he is joined by the French guitar genius Marc Ducret and the richly imaginative Danish drummer Peter Bruun.

The trio, which has been playing together since 2013, is a veritable melting pot of talent. Through frequent gigging, the trio has developed its own kinetic language, where each member knows how to grasp the other’s musical idea in a unique way. The trio, which is always changing its shape, can march, groove, brood or boil as the situation demands.

Friday 25.11. at 19:00 Antti Lötjönen & Ville Herrala

Antti Lötjönen: double bass and Ville Herrala: double bass

Antti Lötjönen and Ville Herrala join forces in the form of a unique duo project: two double bass players from thousands of gigs, one joint concert. There will be a fascinating musical journey as two of the most respected bass artists of their generation talk through their instruments. Sometimes in the form of composed material, sometimes freely improvising – always without taking risks.

Monday 05.12. at 19:00 Lisa Ullén, Elsa Bergman and Anna Lund trio

Lisa Ullén (SE): piano, Elsa Bergman (SE): double bass and Anna Lund (SE): drums.

Ullén/Bergman/Lund is a piano trio based in Stockholm that plays free jazz that channels the American free jazz tradition as well as contemporary classical music. Combining raw power with an exquisite attention to detail, the three musicians make every moment sparkle with possibilities. In this aural space, every movement matters.

Ullén and fellow Swedes Bergman and Lund are all significant players in the Scandinavian free jazz scene and the trio first met in the sextet Anna Högberg Attack, and have since played together in many constellations. Their debut album Space was recorded by Mats Äleklint during the pandemic in 2021 at the legendary venue Fylkingen,

The trio will perform this year at the Berlin Jazz Festival.

Friday 9.12 Milo Linnovaara and Jarno Tikka

Milo Linnovaara: Saxophones and Jarno Tikka: Saxophones

Linnovaara & Tikka & creates a concert-like soundscape for their listeners, improvising, to which they can safely lull to start the weekend. The duo consists of tenor saxophonists Jarno Tikka (OK:KO, Alder Ego) and Milo Linnovaara (AINON). They are inspired by friendship, openness and experienced life.

Program changes are possible.

Concert venues:
• Hakasalmi villa: Mannerheimintie 13b, 00100 Helsinki
• Temppeliaukio church: Lutherinkatu 3, 00100 Helsinki

Sponsors: City of Helsinki, Music Promotion Center, Svenska Kulturfonden and Finnish-Danish Culture Fund

In all concerts, the valid health and safety regulations of the authorities are followed.


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